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Bean and Prince Contractors, Incorporated was established in 1990.  It became incorporated on May 21, 1990.  Since its inception, it has outgrown two locations and is presently housed within Memphis Depot Business Park at 1996 Danielson Place in Memphis, Tennessee. The company utilizes two massive warehouses and much of the surrounding area for office space and to store tractors, mowers, weed-eaters, bucket trucks and other heavy equipment and tools.  During peak annual grass cutting season, the company employs approximately 120 people and contracts with several others.  The workforce is diversified and consists of blacks, whites, women and Hispanic employees, and has a certified arborist and horticulturist on staff.  The company abides by the living wage ordinance mandated by the state of Tennessee and offers benefits and other employee incentives.

The president and owner of the company is Lee A. Bean.  Mr. Bean is a retiree of the Shelby County Government system.  He attended Rust College in Holly Springs, Mississippi and started working with Shelby County Government upon his relocation to Memphis in 1965.  The positions held by Mr. Bean during his tenure with Shelby County Government include truck driver, foreman and manager over tree trimming, grass cutting, asphalt patching, and right-of-way mowing. His lengthy service with the government in this capacity and vast background and knowledge of tree trimming and ground maintenance well qualifies him for the business ownership he presently enjoys.

Bean and Prince has been able to transition into new areas and contracting opportunities, which include acquisition of different materials and the purchase of major equipment.

Bean and Prince Contractors, Incorporated is listed in the SAM registry and is licensed, bonded, and insured. The company also participates in the Mid-South Minority Business Council (MMBC) and is actively seeking 8(a) certification through Small Business Administration.

Bean and Prince is a past recipient of the Minority Enterprise Development (MED) Week contracting award, (Commercial Appeal Article), in recognition of the company’s growth and achievements.

Lee A. Bean was recognized in September 2011 as one of 50 Men of Excellence in Memphis, Tennessee, a distinct honor spearheaded by the Tri-State Defender newspaper.

Applicable Certifications/Licenses:

  1. State of Tennessee Contractors’ License No. 00028566
  2. Tennessee Department of Agriculture Charter #3955
  3. Uniform Certification Agency
  4. SAM Registrant

The company does not have any contractual penalties, legal proceedings, lawsuits, claims, safety and/or workplace violations pending nor outstanding litigation or claims.

Bean and Prince is an Affirmative Action Program and Equal Employment Opportunity Employer